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For a free personalised consultation for your pet pop in to our Spa or give us a call. Here you will find a list of our most requested treatments.

If you have any special requests for your groom or spa treatments please do let us know when you arrive. If your pet has medicated shampoo or is taking any medication prescribed by our Vet or otherwise make sure you tell us before we start your pet’s spa treatment.



We only use the finest spa products. Try our own Vanity Fur Spa Paw-fume, a firm favourite with our four-legged clientele!



The Full Body Groom 


Eye and Ear cleansing

Brush to remove dead hair and knots (de-matting will incur an additional charge)

Nail trim

Top quality shampoo – tailored to each coat type

Coat Conditioning (if appropriate)

Gentle Fluff dry (we do not use cabin dryers in this salon)

Coat styled to the breed standard or a ‘personality’ cut to suit you and your dog

Hand-stripping (this may incur an additional charge)

A spritz of our cologne

After-care consultancy, including advice on coat care


Perfect for the ‘in-between’ grooms


Full Coat Brush to remove dead hair and knots (de-matting will incur an additional charge)     

Top quality shampoo (tailored to each coat type)     

Coat conditioning treatment (if appropriate)    

A gentle Fluff dry     

A spritz of cologne     

 Puppy Introduction Groom Service

The puppy wash will ensure a relaxed and fun introduction to the grooming process.

This service includes:

A gentle brush through

A relaxing body wash using our mild, hypoallergenic puppy shampoo

A gentle fluff dry

Spa Treatment List


A relaxing Pedicure, including a vanilla and milk thistle paw soak, nail trim, between pads and paw trim and paw massage using shea butter, comfrey and aloe pad conditioner. Our Paw-dicure helps to heal paws damaged from gravel, asphalt, snow, salt-treated roads and hot pavements. Vitamin enriched conditioners keep paws soft, making them less likely to crack. A soothing treatment leaving your pet’s paws feeling refreshed.

Blueberry and Vanilla Facial

Our refreshing and hydrating facial scrub cleanses, soothes and balances. It has a natural and gentle exfoliating effect helping to remove dirt and unsightly tear stains around the eyes and mouth. Includes a relaxing head massage

Tear Stain Treatment

Does your dog suffer from unsightly stains around the eyes? This treatment is the ultimate in natural tear stain removal. With herbal flower extracts acting as a natural antibiotic working wonders on light and white coloured coats. Externally applied, this safe, non-irritating and effective cleanser helps to remove stains and inhibits dark staining production. Our products do not contain bleach, peroxide, steroids or other harmful agents.

Coat Colour Enhancing and Whitening Conditioning Bath

A choice of rich and conditioning colour enhancing and whitening (non-bleach) shampoos and conditioning treatments intensify the natural coat colour. For black, white, red, brown or copper coats. Leaves the coat feeling silky smooth and full of shine. Ask a Stylist to recommend the best product for your dog.

Aromatherapy Bath and Body Massage

A calming lavender and mint bubble bath to sooth and pamper your pet followed by a relaxing in-bath massage and warm towel treatment.

Coat Conditioning Treatment

Whether your dog has sensitive skin or a greasy or dry coat our revitalising coat conditioning treatments are a must. Containing plant extracts and vitamins to promote strength, hair sheen and capillary conditioning and botanical moisturisers to help repair, they leave hair incredibly revitalised, full and manageable. Includes a warm towel wrap. Ask a Stylist to recommend the best product for your dog.

Fresh Breath Treatment

Treat your pet to a fresh breath treatment after his (or her) groom. Our mouth brush and enzyme mouth gel blends natural, holistic ingredients to kill germs that cause bad breath, plaque and gingivitis. This gentle treatment soothes minor gum irritations and produces a healthy oral environment. Includes first application, guidance from a qualified groomer on how to apply at home and a Fresh Breath Starter Pack to take away for regular home application.

Cat Full Body Groom

Our Cat Full Body Treatment includes everything your cat needs to look good when out on the tiles.


Brushing to remove dead hair
Nail and between paw pad trim
Hygiene area trimmed
Eyes and ear cleansing
Special Dry shampoo for Cats
Finishing cologne spritz

Please note, we will not groom out severely matted cats. However we do offer a clipping service, please contact us for more information.

We offer quiet time, cat only appointments, so your cat can feel as comfortable as possible while with us.